Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting paths Landscape Lighting:Safety & Security
Provides safer access for your family and friends who come to visit, when your walkways, paths and steps are illuminated. The lighted exterior areas of your home and landscape gives you a safer feeling as you enter and exit your home and will also discourages any potential intruders

Landscape Lighting:Enjoy More Hours Outside
Low-voltage lighting provides  the perfect atmosphere for entertaining family and friends. The opportunity to relax and enjoy the investment you have made in creating your landscape is extended into the evening hours with landscape lighting.

landscape lighting curb appealLandscape Lighting:Curb Appeal
Low-voltage lighting gives any home a whole new ambiance, creating subtle to stunning visual impact. Showcase and highlight the features of your home that you love, adding greater definition to features that would normally be covered by darkness.

Landscape Lighting:Energy Efficient
Properly installed low-voltage lighting is good for the environment and cost efficient because it consumes less power. Most lighting systems operates on a 12 volt current and with the right configuration will use less electricity than a  high-voltage system. This can be accomplished by positioning lights where needed and or desired for strategic energy usage. Small fixture sizes permit lamps to be easily aimed and reconfigured.

Careful matching of the appropriate transformer, wire size, and lamp wattage will maximize the energy efficiency of your system. We can today also offer the best in LED. Low-voltages landscape lighting will contribute to extended lamp life and increased safety.

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