Lighting Services

Low Voltage Lighting Services

Our Just Add Light Landscape Lighting professionals expand outdoor living dimensions through the use of custom-designed lighting. Outdoor lighting systems add security, charm and redefine your outdoor living space for night time enjoyment. You will enjoy many more low voltage lighting services around a pool at nighthours of social and recreational activities with well designed outdoor lighting. Low voltage lighting creates its dramatic effect  by bringing into focus distinctive objects or planting materials by using light luminescence from small  light fixtures.
Our lighting services include:

  • Design and install low voltage landscape lighting systems
  • Redesign, rebuild or rewire existing systems if light fixtures are in good condition
  • Troubleshoot low voltage lighting problems and fix them
  • Annual check-up, maintenance and replacement of bulbs
  • Audit the power and efficiency of lighting systems in order to recommend rebuilding or replacing

These landscape lighting systems offer the opportunity to highlight specimen plants or water features, illuminate deck areas, patios or sidewalks and significantly enhance the low voltage lighting services reflect on the waterlook of your home. We achieve results by using up lighting, down lighting and spread lighting. Additional effects are created with accent lighting, path lighting or grazing.

The significant advantage of low voltage lighting services is that it uses a fraction of the power a line voltage lighting system uses and that lowers the operating expense.The lighting techniques to be used will depend on the plant materials, their architectural beauty, and if they are annual or perennial garden areas. Areas of especial interest like statues, specimen shrubs and mirror lighting of trees in a pool of water can be specially treated. In addition, outdoor recreational areas can have extended hours of use.

In order to effectively design outdoor garden lighting, a comprehensive knowledge of the characteristics of plant materials is important. Our knowledge in plants and twenty two low voltage lighting services along a pathyears of experience in low voltage lighting design and installation have earned us industry wide recognition.