Sprinkler System Maintenance

How often should I do sprinkler system maintenance on the irrigation system?sprinkler system maintenance spring

  • Three times a year, in the spring when you are starting up the lawn irrigation system, a mid-summer checkup and in the fall when winterizing.

What do you do for springtime sprinkler system maintenance?

  • We will start up your system and make sure that the controller, pipes and valves are all in good working order and trouble shoot and repair any problems. Sprinkler heads will be checked to make sure they are pointed properly. Nozzles are cleaned if necessary. The rain sensor is also checked.

What if a different contractor installed my sprinkler system?

  • We have the  experience and are qualified to do an analysis of an existing sprinkler system, regardless of how and when it was installed or what kind of system it is. We can also  provide you with emergency repairs and offer ongoing maintenance services.

Why perform mid-summer sprinkler system maintenance?sprinkler system maintenance summer

  • To help keep your landscape looking great year after year, an annual sprinkler system maintenance will deliver exactly the right amount of water to each lawn & garden. Landscape irrigation should deliver water only when its needed and only where it is needed. No more over or under watering!

What services do you offer?

  • We offer our customers spring start-ups, mid-season check ups and fall winterizing.
  • Our service vehicles are equipped with a complete line of irrigation parts so we are prepared for any service needs.
  • During this standard system check, our qualified technicians perform a flow test to check the system integrity. If there are any breaks or leaks in the lines they will be repaired and your sprinkler heads can be adjusted if needed. The timer program is reviewed.
  • Backup batteries are replaced automatically, every year!

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